Yacht charters
  1. Is a bareboat or skippered charter best?

    Assuming you and your crew have suitable qualifications you are free to proceed with a bareboat charter. If none of your group have a skipper's license or if you just want a helping hand and some local knowledge on the best places to visit then a professional skipper is advisable. Skipper rates are fixed per day - please note that a skipper needs his or her own cabin as they are required to sleep onboard.

  2. Qualifications required for bareboat charters in Greece

    Bareboat yacht charter in Greece, legally requires two crewmembers capable of commanding the yacht (skipper and co - skipper). The skipper's seamanship and competence is proved with a recognized sailing certificate or a sailing club (or sailing school) membership. An official statement/ declaration form stating their sailing competence may be also required in case the harbour authority considers necessary. The co - skipper should provide the same certification as the skipper, if not, then he/ she can complete and sign an official self-declaration form stating his/ her sailing competence for the port authority. Sailorsbreeze will assist you with all the necessary formalities.

  3. Charter schedule

    Yacht charters begin and end Saturdays for multiples of seven days. In the low season period however, this may be flexible and there could be some exceptions always depending on yachts availability.

    Always charters begin at 17:00 hrs on the first day. In case we can deliver the yacht earlier  without compromising our standards , we will do so, but this cannot be guaranteed.

    Charters end at 09:00 on the last day of charter. All our clients return to Sailorsbreeze bases the evening before, (normally Friday) sleep on board and depart around 09:00 hrs on Saturday morning, giving us time to have the yacht prepared and in perfect working condition for the next charter.

  4. The Refundable Security Deposit

    All our yachts are insured against fire, marine and collision risks, third party damage and against any and all loss or damage in excess of the amount of the deposit guarantee. If there is no damage or loss to the yacht or her equipment, this figure is returned to you.

  5. Travel & Charter Insurance

    We strongly suggest you buy a suitable travel insurance before leaving home, including cancellation insurance to protect your booking deposit. We can advice you , further if you wish about insure your Refundable Security Deposit . With our business partner EIS we can cover all your travel and charter needs .

  6. Can I book online and what are the ways of payment ?

    You can book online with us , but first you need to register with us . Create your account and then you can book one of your favourite , yachts . Choose your yacht , your desired dates and optional extra charges and then ask for a booking confirmation . Our booking system will record your request and will accept or propose another to you. As soon as we go forward with the booking , you will be notified to make the advance payment of the booking. You can pay with the following ways :

    • Credit card (Through our payment gateway partner STRIPE.COM)
    • Bank transfer to the bank details below

  7. What time is best to come for sailing ?

    Usually , July-August are always packed in places , very hot temperatures and generally , most expensive prices . Ideally June and September are better , specifically , late May and early June as late September early October .

  8. Can i have a one way charter ?

    Yes you can have a one way charter starting and finishing in one of two one way charter bases .
    For the moment , we are offering one way charters from Athens to the Ionian (Preveza or Corfu ) April-May or October-November from the Ionian (Preveza or Corfu) to Athens ,  with our Sun Odyssey 439 - "IVA" .

    Other alternative yachts for one way between Corfu and Preveza are our Sun Odyssey 479 - "Amfitriti" and Oceanis 45 - "Alfa" , April-early June or Late September - October -November .

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